LEGO Star Wars Snowspeeder

Little break from tunnel scene!
Today my 8 year old son was building the snowspeeder from Lego Systems kit 7130 with the original building instructions and the software Lego Digital Designer, i converted it for LEO Cad, exported into a .3ds and imported it to blender.
Changed a bit the materials (glass still not good) and render it with cycles in 3 hours.
It’s a test, we want to recreate a whole Star Wars scene for a poster…let’s see if we can do this :wink:

Image looks pretty nice. But if you start this Star Wars scene now then I bet your tunnel scene will die. Don’t stop now.

No no - I know it would be to much - “Star Wars Poster” is a project over a longer time period, so i put this render under the finished thread. The poster will start from 0 after the tunnel scene - thanks for the tip!