LEGO Starwars

I’m working on LEGO Starwars animation.

The blend file is to big to upload on B.A.

Here is a screenie!


Here is a .blend of the animation.
(I had to cut the nice graphics to get the file size down:()

you can play it in the GE if you don’t want to take the time to render. (just press P)


LEGOstarwars.blend (388 KB)

compress the .blend first as .tar then .rar then .zip and it should make it smaller(take it further and make .7z before .rar)

HEY! This was fun! I want more!

Nice trick with the animation to make it cyclic!

Thats pretty cool. I need to do something like that to practice animating. I’m horrible at it right now.

About the compressing, can B.A. host .zip?
It tells me upload failed unknown file type.
I wish I could host my .swf (so it would be pre-rendered)

There’s a battle droid on layer 2. o.0

Fun little animation you’ve got so far. I thought it was odd that it didn’t use any armatures, though.

I didn’t use armatures because:
1. I don’t know how.
2. I didn’t want the model to deform or anything.

Well thats one pretty good reason! haha :b

It’s not a good idea to laugh at someone who knows a jedi.


You can master armature use (at least for basic animations) in couple of hours. And yes, you can armature your models so they don’t deform (parent parts of the object to bones to bones). Use of armatures gives great flexibility in animation. I suggest that you read BSO Character animation for a quick review. I just love this animation!

Ouch! Well, you dont want to battle my army of droids… I dare you… muahaha! :S

how did you exactly model these characters? the topology is scary…


You mean an army of droids like this?

I get my models from a program called LeoCad in 3ds format, then import them into Blender and fix a lot of normals problems and a few other things.


Hey, I need some help with getting the color of the red lightsaber to look right in the GE.

I’m planning on making a game out of this. :slight_smile: