Lego Tow Mater and HI!!! :)

Hi there! I am new :o

I was looking for an active blender community, I think I found it! :smiley:

May you give me some suggestions about my last wip?
Is a lego model of tow mater from cars movie.

I like the model but not so much the material…I am trying to replicate the shiny surface of a lego brick but it’s kinda hard! This is rendered in cycles and I am not very aware of how to do lights rig with it, is there any good guide?

thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

some basic texturing and a light effect

Neat concept!

Looks nice, man.

I like this.

wow thanks! :smiley:

here’s the last rendering, now I am pretty satisfied with it :yes:

Wow, looks just like the actual LEGO set! The LEGO Group needs to get you on their product rendering team. :wink:

Did you model all those LEGO elements yourself, or did you use models from the LDraw part library?

Would you mind sharing your shaders with us? The bricks’ reflections look very nice.

Thanks Peter!

here’s the node configuration for the bricks (brown case)…actually is pretty simple :slight_smile:

all the pieces are from the LDraw database and assembled with Bricksmith, in Blender I made just few fixes and added the ‘lego’ logo on top of the studs. Also I designed the stickers in PS basing on the actual model which I own.