Lego X-Wing and TIE-Advance mini model (animation)

before you think: “WOW, did he model that himselve?” ive used ldraw parts. the only thing ive added is an armature to make the wings in the X form.

here are the pictures:

that is really small, but I like it.

well, it a model of a real X-wing lego model. you can buy it in a toy shop if you want.

why didnt u model the parts yourself? :-?

i wanted to and i have one little piece made but im lazy and i wanted quick results so ive used ldraw. i realy dont have the patience to model each lego piece and making shure the model is absolutely right.

but ill make it up to you and ill make a tie fighter so i can make a nice X-Wing vs. TIE fighter animation.

nice, but what the heck is ldraw?

lego draw. a huge lego piece libary. see

did you use MLCAD for the modelling?

yes, because it has a snap function. and you can see the pieces.

ive made the TIE-Advance. the other model in the lego kit. i saw a mistake in the model so there will be an update but here is an image:
(image removed)

The TIE-Fighter is little too much on the darkside. Please give us a brighter pic. Thanks, and nice idea even thou you used readymade geometry.

is that a tie or a black hole? I see nothing but the lack of stars in the middle.

oops, yesterday evening it seemed almost light grey. update in four hours. (i have to go to school for an hour).

here are the new tie advance pics:

its still a bit dark. please say if you cant see it.

here is a X-Wing Vs. TIE-Advance picture.

and here is an animation: (253kb)


ive also posted some images on , a site where many lego fans post their images.

looks nice, i would love to see those flying through the deathstar core or canyon with some little lego laser bolts. he he!

ill see…

(starting up mlcad)

the .dat file of the deathstar tunnel is 33kb. that means one day of calculating om my computer. so ill make a nice blender tunnel and core.

episode one of x-wing vs tie is rendering.

and here it is:

made it in half an your so dont expect too much.