Lego X-Wing Render Test

These are some tests I did to figure out how to use Yable and Yafray. I used a lego X-wing that I am working on for an animation. Here are a few of the early test renders:

Comments and Questions welcome! :slight_smile:


nice model and render.

Very Nice! very detailed, I like it!

Cool :slight_smile:

There has been another X-wing modeled in lego hereby, I cannot remember who modeled it but that too was quite impressive.


it was me who made the other x wing

dotblend, i hate you so much. thats just ridiculous. DarkEnder, thats a wicked model, and a great render. but it looks to me like the red is glowing or something, it looks very bright…

It still needs some work. :slight_smile: If you look at dotblend’s X-wing you can see that some of the tiles have textures that I still need to add, plus there are some other things I need to fix.

I think the yellow looks a bit dull and the reds look a bit light, for the rest it looks ok

did you use the lego tool to build the model or did you import all the pices into blender and modelled i in blender?
im asking this because i was thinking on doing a lego model as el, but the lego tool looks a bit difficult to use…

I used the LDRAW system of tools to create the model exactly following the official Lego instructions. I then converted it to DXF with 3DWin and imported it to Blender.

thx, I’m trying to download it right now, but seems to be down.

Your lego model looks pretty realistic. One could be fooled to think, that you have just snapped couple photographs from real lego models. Pretty impressive. :o

Thanks for all the compliments everybody! :smiley:

koudejongen: Yeah, for some reason seems to go down every once in a while. :-?

well I have downloaded it.
But how does it work, it seems some kind of dos program.

It’s stupid…It doesn’t look believable as an X-Wing at all…It looks more like a bunch of lego’s arranged to look like an x-wing. Like something a child would build…Wait…what’s this? it’s supposed to be a model of an xwing using legos…well, why didn’t you say so!

It’s really freaking awesome!!! Keep it up.
And I agree that the reds look to bright and the yellows too dull. Still, awesome!

excellent model! :o i could never find the patience to model a simple lego brick, and then you see these guys that make whole armies of them… %|


I don’t know if they have used it, but there is a lego program with pre-made blocks and an assemblly interface which then exports DXF or so…


I think the guys building stuf like this dont model the bricks themselves.
they wouldn’t have time to build anymore!!
Check brickshelf, lugnet, or ldraw for more information (google)

Yeah, I didn’t model the bricks myself. I just used a lego cad tool that uses premodeled parts. There is a whole community that models the parts. There are literally thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of lego parts that have been modelled and more coming all the time. :o

koudejongen: If you look on there is a Getting Started page that will walk you through installing the parts and things. Then get MLCad off the downloads page. This is the best lego cad tool that I have found. You can also find 3DWin on the download page which is what I use to convert the ldraw files to DXF’s.

aha, thx I will look into it and hope to have a model ready in the near future :slight_smile: