the Lego:

in this image, the ground is reel:

:o wow. great modeling! how long did it take to make?
the bottom pic isnt very good. the table seems to be tipped more than the crane. :-?

The crane doest look like its standing in the room. It isnt positioned right.
You should make an angmap of the room and let ao affect the lighting.

not bad zanidip …

in fact i believe u can improve the image in the back !

isn’t it an old image ?

non ?


Very good!

You can do an aniamation!

How long have you been plaing with blender “newbie”, three … four… five years?
It’s comercial quality of modeling or some kind of “lego” modeling system. Very good job!

YEAH! Great! I want more!

yes, we are waiting for the update, i’m sure taht you’ve got one and you don’t wanna show us

Can I say:
photorealism? :o

Yes, a very good picture! But it’s not composited too well with the photo, the angle is off, the lighting is different, and you should have shadows as well.

As for modelling, there is a program called LDraw, which contains thousands of LEGO bricks, and you can easily model with that, all you have to do is place the bricks you want in 3D, with the help of a 3D grid that is the correct size for the LEGO pieces. Then you can export to POVRAY, and you might be able to import that into Blender.


think you all for your comment!
yes, that’s a old model (june)
and it’s a finished model, i think i dont do another update