Legos. Adding pieces as we speak.

I am still adding pieces frequently. I measured with a ruler to get the proportions just right. Any suggestions? I want to perfect this.

looking really good so far. :slight_smile:

i don’t have any right in front of me, but didn’t the ‘beams’ (the little extruded plus thingys) have more bevel at the ends? not sure…

other than that… kudos, looking good.
what are your plans for this? make a ‘library’ of objects so you can assemble them?

yes, he is right, the black beam things should have beveled edges and ends
also, all the studs should have the LEGO logo on them.

Won’t I get sued or something?

There have been many lego models, so no you wont get sued. I made a sackboy and I didn’t get sued by MM, (yet) so I’d say go for it.

And real lego bricks aren’t so shiny in my experience, try adding a normal map to them

What kind of normal map?? They look smooth on my desk here.