This is a WIP of some legos. I know the text on the top is off but its just a place filler for now till i make the real text. I want to get this to look somewhat photoreal at the end.


The round bump/peg/things don’t look right. They sort of look like they’re normal mapped, but sort of not. Did you round the tops of them, or set the tops smooth or something?

I also think that they should stick up higher.

edit: Oh, the one on its side appears to be a Duplo, not a Lego. Don’t get them mixed up!

Lookin’ good!
The pegs need a be a LOT taller, like 3x taller.
Like you said, the text is wrong.
The one on the side is still a lego, have you never seen one?

I think you should try and make some technics, they will make you want to commit suicide. :wink:

you’re probably sick of hearing this, but the pegs need to be taller. also, the materials don’t look quite right. try increasing the specularity and the hardness a lot.

A little update:


I was a HUGE lego fan when I was a kid, had a garbage can full of them to play with, plus technics and all that jazz. A few things your missing…

a) on the blue angle 4 peg piece, the surface of the angle was rough not smooth. And all angled pieces like that including the yello one, should have a small rim that is vertical, they did not angle all the way to the bottom.

b) all the pegs should be taller as was mentioned previously, but also each peg had a “lego” on it embossed. You can do this easily with a nor/dis map.

c) On the red rectangle 8 peg on it’s side, the inside female cylinder’s surface should be smooth, looks like you missed it.

I’d also up the samples of your AO and maby also increase you Bias a bit. Lookin good though!! :slight_smile:

I don’t think that lego bricks had any bevel at all, and your corners look slightly rounded.
I remember having sore hands after playing with them waaaay too much, stupid legos. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good modelling so far; but one thing that really caught my eye is that you have no shadows! Turn on RayTracing. should increase realism by some…

Eh? Are you talking to me? The bottom of a lego doesn’t look like that. Reference