leg's dance // animation-test

i just started to try to learn character-animation. as an exercise i played around with calvin’s great foot-rig. (because i only wanted to animate, i did not bother much about materials/lighting/modeling. well, i am lazy…:p)
here’s what i got so far:


i have to say: animating is fun! :smiley:

best regards!

LOL! awesome! :smiley:

Mind if I add a link to the animation?

That was great. The foot tapping sound effect was a bit too noticeable, but it was smooth, AND entertaining!

hey, thank you! of course, go ahead and link it! :eyebrowlift: and thanks for the rig, by the way!

Very nice!
Great idea and very entertaining.

However, I’m not sure you’ve got the weight right. I don’t really get a sense that the character weighs anything.

Very good, but the part where he jumps is not convincing. It happens too fast and there is not any inertial movement when he touches the ground. You would also not fall on your heels. Besides, if at the end he falls and causes all the scene to shake, that jump should also have some consequence.

Otherwise very good, and very funny ending.

thank you very much! but yeah, you are reight, the jump isn’t too convincing. to be honest, i didn’t pay much attention to to it. i simply wanted to try out different movements, as it is my first character animation. and it had to be in time with the music, of course, and i thought it could be funny because of the cartoony and unrealistic effect.
the “weight-problem” is also something, which i noticed. hm. perhaps the feet should rest longer on the ground? i’ll pay attention to that the next time.
thanks for c&c!

I like this one, thanks
One suggestion, the dance needs more backbeat for this kind of music - imho. Maybe keep the foot on the ground, and bend the knees, wiggle the hips, lift the foot on the off beat. (It might add a bit of “inertia” too)
More dance animations please…