LeMans...Street Version [2k x 1k image]

Broke down and decided to make a new car. I wanted to wait longer before I started another car project but this project has will of its own. Anyways made some (crappy) blueprints and started work on the body. Its a concept car that I wanted to fallow the lines of a LeMans type race car.

(2x1 on 2nd page)


its really hard to see the car properley becuz of the lighting…but from wat i can see its good modelling…

sorry… clay renders are here


You can do clay renders in Blender? How do you do that?

The car looks nice so far. :slight_smile:

wow…good modelling…wating for updates…

Nice work and nice blueprints!
I’ll keep looking at this:)
Umm from what I know arent clay renders just dull coloured normal unedited materials?

with AO if i am not mistaken…

kk…new updates:

Changed the look of the head lights, made them larger. Made cuts for the windows, doors, body panels, etc.

The tires and wheels are just temporary. They’re just there to help judge the overall scale.

These are the pistons and mounts used to control the retractable rear wing.

Other things are: i’m going to totaly redo the back end (except for the exaust). I got rid of the little nub in the front of the windshield…supposed to be for the whiper but it didn’t look right as a part of the main mesh. I also tried to smooth several slight displacments in the mesh.

THe headlights are almost done. Added radiators where the big hool in the hood is (bet some of you were wondering what it was for :stuck_out_tongue: )
Starting to combine the two halves.
How does it look so far?http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/7168/tool0nc.jpg

that is awsome.

jummy, looks nice, bigger rims would make it better (even if they are just temporary)
but jummy non the less

I agree snelleeddy …I plan on working on the wheels, rims, and brakes when I get most of the body done.
right now i’m having trouble with the lights… I want to put lights inside the light “housings”
but when I do that the light goes thru the housing, lighting up things that are not supposed to be lit.
Any suggestions?

I really love that. No crits!

Here is a picture of what i’m talking about:

Here is the progress of the model after about a week of on and off work…
Detailed the the engine compartment…about 45% done with it (the engine …that is)

wow, u got far on this

Hey, that’s a really great job you’re doing, there. Better than I could do.

bloody gorgus mate.

wow, nice model and details!

Good detail your putting into it. About the lights I really dunno, only thing I can think about is that they are rendering artefacts cuzz normal lights cannot reach most of those spots due to the model obstructing the light to reach those spots… Really odd. So rerender in another position and they might be gone (but then again you probably have tried that.
Or change the light type in yourblinker to a directional type of lights.