Lemenus - Sketchbook

Hello. This is my sketchbook (what a surprise). Here’s my warmups, drafts, tries to do something complex and other non-serious works. Some of them may grow into something big, some will remain as draft forever.
I never had a sketchbook so I hope you don’t mind if I’ll throw here my old works as well

I like to model guns (though I also want to model something from environment, but can’t figure out what exactly), and tech, and this is my first try into complex model of tech… failed

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My early work (It was 2.76 I guess), first try into modeling a gun on my own concepts, though as i understood - I’m bad at it (concept), so I needed more knowledge about such stuff as proportions

(Old work) A brush, needed for college project

Blender… because… well… Blender

Sofa, just sofa (I wanted to do something from environment)


Sci-fi corridor

My mouse


About drafts - draft is a kind of modeling when you gotta model something in 40 min time limit. During it you must NOT care about topology, smoothing or details, ONLY BASIC STUFF, everything should me as minimalistic and low poly as possible for it’s flexibility. So mostly drafts including only promitives. This model should show all most basic (functional as well) elements of object, it should be recognized by just by looking at it’s silhouette. This is kind of discipline which teaches 3D modeller how to work in big companies

Some of my tries into it



Double Barrel Snub nose shotty

My mouse (again, but this time as draft)


My kitchen

I didn’t liked first result, so i decided do it again from zero, but this time more seriously

I tried to model bicycle, but i didn’t managed how to build topology of frame, so I at least did part of its mechanism

Winding Couch

Sci-Fi path thingie

I tried into sci-fi again

Another attempt into sci-fi

Some sculpting thingies

I was just curious how to sculpt hair, so this came out

Smithing glove

Sculpting male body process

At some point I begun detailing fingers folds, but understood that without photogrametry it would be really hard to accomply

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I was fixing face, so now it looks like something decent i guess

But the I begun messing around with it and this happened