Lemming Modeler searched

Hi guys,

the bad news first: we make an creative open source game, so we can’t pay the artist.

Now the good news:

It’s a computer science project of a big german university with a very cool idea. AR Lemmings. Augmented Reality is the combining of reality and a virtual (computer) world [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augmented_reality]. So we want to create a game, with a camera that scans a map sheet on a table, and the lemmings jump on that sheet. You can place different things in reality on that sheet and they appear and the game world and the lemming can interact with them. Like a bridge to go over a river.

We have already concept Arts:

And some Models:

We need models for the lemmings, some items and maybe a cool intro.

We are 7 Students (between 20 - 28 years) with some expierence in Modeling, C++ and computer graphics. As Reward your name will appear in the credit on a good place.

If you are interessest write me a PN or in this thread.