LEMONADE (black & white sci-fi comic) :3

Hi, Lemonade is a sci-fi comic I am working on (have been for the past few years) that uses a combination of Blender 3D, GIMP Illustrator, traditional pen and ink. I use Blender to make the “hard” objects and the “soft” objects are drawn by hand.

For Blender to achieve this look I tweaked toon-shading materials and did a lot of manual work to try to make it look as convincingly inked as possible using the Freestyle-tool as little as possible.

Here are some images of some of the objects and pages I have done:

Set after 600 years into the future, where chemical warfare has killed almost the entire population on earth and sent the rest to the moon, a big resource war is breaking out. The story follows Maja (“Maya”) and her co-pilot as they defend the earth from the raiding moon military. However, due to their success they get involuntarily selected for a suicide mission to the moon to find a way to stop a possible invasion. While on the moon, Maja discovers that things are not quite what they seem like, and there is something much sinister behind.

It’s going to be 299 pages in length and is about 80-85% done now. Since I am poor and doing this on my own spare time it’s not going as fast as I would have liked, but I am trying to get this done this summer. There is no publisher involved, so I am putting it out for free on the Tapastic, and you can also follow the development of it and see more on my tumblr.

Thank you for your time. :3

Looking good.

Good looking comic! Do you use freestyle? How did you achieve this comic book effect? Do you have a tutorial you could recommend?

That looks quite awesome, actually—even though it’s all 2D now, I can tell you went to a lot of work modeling all that. The stark black-white contrast makes for some striking images, which is great, although it’s sometimes a bit hard to tell what’s going on. I’m not sure how you would fix that though. Anyway, I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Thank you for your feedback. :3

I have been wanting to reply earlier but it’s really annoying when this place logs me out everytime I have written a long, thoughtful reply and I can’t get my text back. Then I just need a day or two off to not violently punch or kick something in my flat.

Everything is achieved by manipulating the toon shader and using a shadeless black material for parts that needs to stay black. It’s a bit like how they did the new Guilty Gear Xrd-game in terms of material handling, except this is stark black and white. I started doing this before GG Xrd was announced, but I got the idea from an old Blender-tutorial. It should still be in the 2.4-section on Blender’s own tutorial section, but I forgot where exactly.

Here are some more images:

I hope it will be worth the read when it is done. :3c

maybe a book/tutorial will get some money for you. Maybe or maybe not

I have seen there are plenty of similar tutorials for this already, and as previously mentioned I used a few to get to this point.

Anyhow, here are a few wireframes of the airplane, since it seems people here like wireframes:

I have spent a lot of time researching and creating everything. It’s probably what I have spent the most time on so far.

Extra bonusu, the wheel in front actually works as a real wheel as it can retract and extend:

Inspiring, no INSPIRING