Length of path?


I am new to Blender and I am looking for this information: Length of path or how it might be called. I want to create a ball with a rope twisted around it, and the length of the rope should stay the same. But if I take a path/curve and twist it, it changes it’s length. I found out, that in Blender 2.49 there was a “PathLen” button, and clicking on it revealed the length of the path, but I cannot find this one anymore in Blender 2.74. The information “length” is not important to me, it is the length I want to preserve! On a blender programming site I found use_preserve_length - is it possible to tell a structure to keep it’s length while bending it??

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You could apply a Curve modifier to a long, thin, highly segmented tube. Put the deformation axis to Z.
The tube doesn’t change in length, while you can freely edit the curve.
To place the tube along the curve, move it in its Z-direction.

Sorry, I tried that, but my tube does change in length all the time!

post a blend file?

Have you unchecked ‘Stretch’ in the Curve Data -> Shape panel?