Lengthen a line which is not parallel to axis?

Hi there,

I’m a Blender newbie and currently I’m working on planning my house which I intend to build. Going good so far. Anyway, I came across this situation:

I have a line which is not parallel to any axis of the coordinate system (X,Y,Z) with an unknown angle. What I want to do is lengthen the line until it intsersects another line which is parallel to the X axis. However, I need it to keep the same angle as it had. I tried to grab, scale whatever, but I can’t get it to keep the same angle. I figured that as it is possible to constrain the movement to an axis, it should also be possible to constrain the movement to an existing angle?

I tried google but couldn’t find anything. Maybe I searched the wrong terms.

Could someone help me with this please. It is not a show stopper, but I would like my plan to be as accurate as possible.

Thanks in advance.

Blender can display any edge length or angle. In Edit mode go to Mesh Tools More buttons box. On the right side there are Edge Length, and Edge Angle buttons. Turn it on and select the two edges in question.

Select the vertex you want to move, then SHIFT+select the vertex at the other end of the edge. Press ALT+Full Stop then S to scale it.

Here is an example. Go into Edit Mode and press S:-
Scale.blend (89.7 KB)

Great that’s exactly what I needed. I somehow knew that I needed to set the pivot point to something else then default but couldn’t figure out where to set it.