lengthening an animation

Hello - first post.
I am doing a “flying logo” for a client and have not done 3D work for over 2 years! I come from 3D Max. I have been Blendering like a banshee for 5 days now, trying to learn this amazing app. (I moved to Linux and hence Blender, Gimp et al.)

My question:
I have a simple 21 frame animation. It has a couple of moving lights and so forth. I want to make it longer, say 81 frames (just for e.g.)
How do I stretch all the keys of all the various objects and materials so that they cover 81 frames?
I can grab each one, one by one, and stretch them - but how to do all ipo’s and all keys in all animated items at one stroke?


on the main header, click on the curvy arrow, which will give you the ‘map old map new’ buttons. say your anim is 100 frames and you want to make it 200,…set map old at 100, and set map new to 200.

Thanks, I had to search, but found the “curvey arrow” you spoke of.
I set the ‘map new’ to 80 and the animation does get longer, but there are two issues:

  1. When I scrub the green ‘frame line’ (?) in the IPO it sort of lags behind the mouse as if it’s reluctant to move. (Even after a restart of blender)
  2. The IPO graphs still shows the old frame number (21) on the bottom axis for my last keyframes.

Any word?

The “Scrub” you’re probably looking for is Alt+A (Preview Animation)

The MapOld/New don’t change the IPO itself, they change the current frame - eg if the mapold/new is 10:20 then IPO frame number 10 maps to render frame number 20


At the risk of seeming dull and irritating, is there a way to physically lengthen the entire animation?
I recall in Max that you can see ALL the keys for ALL the animated objects at once. You select them all and scale them to the desired end-frame. Bingo! animation is longer (or shorter).

“Mapping” doesn’t really give me more frames inbetween to work with. It’s an illusion.


Yes mapping gives you more frames to work with

There’s nothing stopping you putting a key in at frame 7.5 for example

If you go into the NLA editor (accessible through the button that changes your window view) you’ll see all of the keys in the animation (grouped by the object that they are associated with). If you press “a” (select/deselect all) all of the keys will be selected and you can press “s” to size them. This is most effective if you are currently viewing frame 1, since it sizes relative to the current frame.

I think this is exactly what you’re looking for.

Tah - thanks everyone.

A frame at 7.5 eh? I was wondering why the IPO seemed to work in fractions and not frames - beat the hell out of me, but that 7.5 thing starts to shine a light on that!

I will try the NLA editor - thanks!

Will report-back when I have another dial-up window.


If you press Shift-F6 you’ll see the IPO window, which holds the animation you made in graph form (be sure to select the moving object)
if you press A to select all your keys, then S to scale them, then move your mouse a bit to the left and press middle mouse. now you’re horizontally scaling your animation keys.


I tried the NLA editor, but I did not press ‘A’ to select all and I did not scale. I ‘B’ block-selected the little squares (keys) on the right and ‘G’ moved them to a higher frame number.
The whole animation did lengthen, but I found the keys I had set for Halo Intensity on my lamps remained at the old frame maximum - they did not move along with the keys in the NLA.
Could there be keys that do not appear in the NLA?

Is there a way to lengthen an animation across ALL keys for bones, materials, loc, rot, etc, etc?

I’m not sure how the keys for materials work.

Bones and loc, rot, and etc are all listed in the NLA editor.

The reason I said to press “a” and “s” is that if you have several keys for each object it will size them all as a group. If you just have two keys it’ll work fine to move one set with “g” but you’ll need to get out of that habit for more complex animations.

Hold out for more info, someone will know.

Peachy, thanks for the input so far.