Lengthening an Animation

Hullo All,

i have recently done a funny animation that uses a lattice to deform a suzzanne. i have also inserted color keys and rotation keys

the final animation is about 50 frames long

how can i increase this animation (or strech it) across 100 frames


go to anim playback buttons, and change the ‘map new’ field from 100 to 200

aaahhh… thank you very much

now, is there a way to do that only to ONE IPO?


p.s.: sorry about posting in the wrong forum…

just go to the ipo window and select any curve(or curves) that you want to stretch and [S]cale horizontally with the MMB - you will prob need to [g]rab all of them after and move the sequence back to where it origionally started after scaling though…

Go into your action window and press A to select all. Now press S to scale your action blocks to the time frame you want.