Lenin, the movie :)

now I search music, it will be much better!!!



These materials are fantastic! The blood red background and the metal of the bust - great.

Only DOF is a bit too much in my opinion and the black screens at the cuts last too long.

Very good work - looking forward to see it with music :D.

lights and colors are awesome… well I like them at least :wink:

But i get this weird fealing that the specular highlights are baked? Can be just me.

Butyeah, it’s quite weird without the music… it’s like looking at someone who’s playing on an electric piano with headphones on… you see him moving his fingers but hear nothing, and still, it’s good :slight_smile:
BTW, I simply cannot listen to music cause I’m on a public computer : <


this is white paint, those reflections, but i actually like it. VERY much.
Awesome i dare say.


hey, that is not shader! that is a simple texture! hehehe

and that is not specular, that is the waste of the bronze surface (because these statues are alumin)

very nice materials and light.
the black between cuts, and the DOF look a bit strange to me though…


Nice to see you dusted this old one off and used it for something new. You modelled this like 1-2 years ago, correct?


this is a very bad modell and bad UVing

but good for a yoke video:)

i dunno bout UV mapping but hey! the model is awesome, the textures are unorthodox and awesome and the concept is awesome so everything is Amazing.

BTW. The model is old? I bet! He died in 1924 :smiley:



The movie is good. I love the model and colors. You need some music that will make it more strange? Set it to John Lennon’s Watching the Wheels. You could make it fit perfectly and it will really annoy people that don’t want Lenin and Lennon associated.