Lens flares in game engine?

I know they’re cheesy and divide opinion quite a bit but does anyone know how to put a lens flare in the game engine?

Is there a built in method or a python script?



use the forum search functionality , … :slight_smile:
good luck

You can use google/translate german to english too!

Thanks, will try google to translate, though in my experience it usually comes out a bit strange!

Shame there’s no Blend file with the tut as reverse engineering from that would be easiest!

Ok, I’ll not be lazy :wink:


Hah, didn’t spot it first time but there IS a .blend (the construction kit)

Silly me!

I was actually just working on this for my space shooter game, here’s a very simple blend with lens flare–> http://www.savefile.com/files/1274119
You’ll have to make it look all purdy with nice textures and all, but this shows how the logic bricks/scripting works simply.

Is there a better way to do this? Did I do it the hard way again…? :slight_smile:

Somebody ought to make a game about photography so that they could use the lensflare effect legitimately.

I wear glasses and get lens flares in my everyday life!

hah hah :wink:

Me too, actually, but there aren’t nearly as many “rings” in a glasses-lens-flare as there are in camera-lens-flares.

But have you noticed that if you look at the tiny xmas lights without your glasses you can see a very unique furry eye lense flare? It really beautiful!

Oh the german to english wooks very well at google, you can translat his whole site and the scripts.