Lens Simulation and Collimation

Hello! I’m about to go about making a full heads up display, and wanted to hopefully simulate the components before I go buying several thousand dollars worth of lenses, combiner glass, and projection equipment.

I initially modeled everything in Fusion when I was still designing everything, then brought it over to Blender to simulate the light paths and make sure my collimating lens and combiner glass would work properly. I set up my materials as glass, then added in some text with an emissive material in place of the projector, but my HUD is… Definitely working. The words are warping as I translate the camera, which definitely shouldn’t happen with a collimated image. The image does project properly onto the combiner glass, but it’s just not collimating properly. I’ve double and triple checked my math, but it’s still not working, so my question is this:

Before I spend even more time on this, is Cycles even capable of simulating light this accurately, do I need to just hope my math is right and order everything, or is there maybe a setting I should double check? I’m not by any means a blender expert, so I may have forgotten something important to check along the way in the material or rendering settings.

No, even cycles is not physicaly correct. It might be enough to verify your calculations but i would not depend on it.

Maybe take a look at special software for that, there might be what you need: