Lense cannot see through / Render not working

I am trying to fix the eyes for my nemo. However the lense of the eye cannot see through whether I use texture or solid view. Refer to the small ball in white in 1st image. I have assign transparent to it but it is not working.

Another weird thing. I notice that when my view is solid, the texture can been seen but my view is texture my texture cannot be seen. Either view when I render F12, there is nothing could be seen. The whole fish, eyeball and eyelense become transparent.

I am not sure if it has got anything to do with camera or not but how to check if my camera is ok?

My last question, it find it very difficult to understand where is the camera view range as there is no line indication like light. Is there any way to adjust my object to the pespective view that I want and press a shot cut key to set the camera exactly at the location? I was told ctrl 0 works but I try it didn’t. Please help.


Please ignore the render question. I deleted the material mapping and re-set again and right now the render is working. However I have another question.

After render, there is an adnormal texture near the tail (yellow light dot). However I have merged the center and a bit surprise to see the yellow hole. Can anyone help?