Lensflares less colorful, please!

Hi everyone,

I’, currently working on a scene where i need to add a lensflare. I found a lot hints and tutorials, but one question is still in my mind:

is it possible to affect the color of the flares?

right now i can only control the “source halo’s” color, but the resulting flares are way to colorful. I want them to be plain white, or grey. Does anybody know how to fix this?

PS: i think it’s very basic (if possible), but feel free to move me in the right subforum


just change the material color and alpha to vary the color and intensity of the Ring. See this.

Also you can add pretty good looking lens flares in Gimp or Photoshop.

Thanks for your quick replies.

Gimp or Photoshop is not an option because is will be an animated scene.

@PapaSmurf: The material settings only change the original halo. I want to change the additional rings’ color. Taka a look at these images:


Yes, if found the page for you, linked above. Click on the Rings material color and change the swatch color.

Did i get you wrong? I changed the “Ring”-Color, but nothing happens. The halo changed to green, but the flares are still colorful as a rainbow.



No more ideas?

Assuming you’ve clicked and set Halo, Line and Ring to a single color (you have, haven’t you?) check to make sure “boost” is set to .1


Thanks, but did you try that out? I added a Material, ticked “Halo”, set Halo, Ring, Line to 255 255 255, ticked flare, rings, lines and left Boost at it’s default value 1.

=> still colorful.

If you have a working .blend, please email it to [email protected] (or load it up or whatever)

If they are too colorful, as in, too vibrant, but the color itself is right, but you want less of it, switch to HSV mode and lower the Value. That will make the rings less vibrant and noticeable. HSV mode is right next to the RGB button below the swatches.

:yes: Did I try it???

Perhaps you should post a blend file.


Ah, I think you didn’t get my problem. Look at the pictures in post #4. There is ony 1 mesh with 1 vertex, and the “flare”-setting does the rest. I don’t see any lensflares in your pictures.

Your absolutely right.

You CAN use nodes to convert your flare to BW and then composite the flare layer back into the scene.