Lenticular Shader - CC0 Download

You’ve seen Lenticulars: they’re those images behind finely cogitated perspex - as you look at them from different angles you see different frames of a short animation. This simulates them in Cycles and Eevee.

Press R Z in the 3D view to see the lenticular in action.

This lenticular shader works for a spritesheet which is arranged vertically – for a horizontally arranged sprite-sheet go into the Leticular group and swap the green in the two mix nodes for red. (FF0000)

In the UV editor, position the UV over one of your frames on the spritesheet.

There are two controls on the Lenticular shader group: Frames is how many frames the animation has, and Freq is frequency … how many times the animation will repeat over a 90° rotation.

The raptor (or perhaps jesus lizard) sprite is my own.

Enjoy! And while this is CC0 I would be interested to know if you end up using it for anything.

lenticular3.blend (717.8 KB)

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Hi. I´d like to extend this function and make it work like this:

Do you think it´s possible with this shader you’ve shared?
I´m actually amazed no one has commented this.
If you read this, let me know how could this be setup.

Well, you could definitely alter it to do the colour effects, but that, my friend, is a hologram, which is a genuinely 3D object (sort of) rather than a frame sequence. It may be possible with two scenes and some compositing… I’ll look at creating a hologram shader soon, as this kind of thing interests me.

You guys should check Thomas’ talk and files out too for holo, lenticular, etc materials.

BTW, if your blends aren’t massive why not mirror them on BA too? Not a blendswapper.

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Thanks - I will have to have a look at that!

Yep, it’s a small enough file to upload here, or to Gumroad (free, obviously)

Having had a quick look through… his lenticular is physically accurate, where as mine… isn’t, but creates the look of one.

As for his hologram shader - it creates the colours of a hologram, but doesn’t create a 3D object hovering inside a plain which you can see from many angles (so far as I can make out).

Uploaded to Blenderartists as well!

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