Here is my last character design for another personal project i’m working on.
His name is Leo.

I used cycles for the render except for the hair rendered in BI.

Hope you like it (him).


edit : new version with eyelashes and background.


cutest little character! No crits, perfection!

Thank you so much.
I’m sure there is things i can improve so don’t hesitate to give critics.

Here is a new last version with background and eyelashes.


Very, very nice!!


ehehe, I like this kind of character :slight_smile:

this is so good, congratulations…

Awesome character!
The specularity of the skin looks a little high, but that’s a matter of personal preference, I wouldn’t dare to criticize.

This is just amazing :slight_smile:

Nice man, a very likeable character like something out of Incredibles or Up

really nice character! well done!

Thanks guys!
@pawelsomogyi, right now i faked the SSS in cycles. Can’t wait for a real volume shader to improve it later :D!

Very nice character! well done indeed!
Some questions,
-you faked SSS in cycles, how? Except of using a volume shader build of course.
-hair rendered in BI, how can I compose these two render passes?

Looks amazing!

Try saving both as .exr images then compost from the images.

haha he makes me smile :smiley: nice job!

Try saving both as .exr images then compost from the images.

Oh I see. Come on, I know exp format. Both images, all of the scene? Any masking?

Thank you all for the nice comments ! Leo was also displayed on blendernation today (what an honor!).

for the fake SSS, i actually follow the node set up by MmAaXx (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtYXbFzCGcU) which work pretty well (thanks for that MmAaXx !). Of course, you need to create your own SSS maps (epi, subdermal, diff, spec …). Mine are quite saturated to allow this tanned result.

To combine hair in BI and the rest in Cycles:

  • you can actually create a scene rendering in Cycles and a scene rendering in BI both in the same .blend. Then you merge the 2 in the compositor (see Bassam quick explanation here : http://urchn.org/post/combining-blender-internal-and-cycles-in-one-render).

  • On the BI scene, I have a copy of the head, the cap, the glasses and the eyes. I set-up a black shadeless material to all of them (except hair of course) like that they act as masks. The hardest part is to recreate the same lighting in both scene (i found that lights act a bit different in both renderer so you need to tweak a bit until you obtain what you are looking for).

  • Then in the compositor, I mixed the cycle render and the BI render with “add”. The black having a value of “0”, just the hair are mixed with the cycles render ! I actually added the hair (BI render) several times to obtain the result i needed.

using .exr works well too of course but i found it a little less practical.

Have fun guys and thanks again for the nice comments.


Black shadeless materials setup to all except hair.
I see. I thought so. Thank you.
About the fake sss method, well, let’s forget it and wait for a decent solution.
The experimental volume shader builds are closer to what I have in mind.

Once again, an excellent work, a great character design !

Wonderful job! I love the way you textured the clothes. I can never get my clothes to look right and have trouble finding good tutorials for that. Any chance you could briefly explain how you made those?

Great character design and very well textured…like it a lot…makes me curious about the project it’s for…

Thanks again all for the nice comments!

@amartin7211 for clothes, usually I start spending time looking for the right texture (I can go through dozens before I find the one i want). Then I edit it in photoshop and add the little details that counts like stitches, dirt, … Finally i spent time tweaking the shader to find the right amount of bump/displacement to make it look realistic.
For the cap, I couldn’t find the right texture so I created it by combining patterns that i made in photoshop (wavy pattern) with other textures.

Great little fella, there’s a lot of personality in him! Needless to say that modelling is really neat, 5* from me, spailler!