LeoMoon LightStudio for 2.8x and 2.9x

Oh yea nice! I’ll add this in my ToDo list. :smiley:

You can also add a saturation slider to change the color to white.

Right now, even with the color to white and the color saturation to 1, that keep the map saturation.

Good. Keep posting ideas and help me make this better. I’ll add them.

I think this kind of setup should be used when you add a new light.

Maybe find a way to avoid the shadow from the plane.

Taking notes. :smiley: Keep them coming.

You can pick lot of ideas on this video ^^

Yea I saw that. I wanted to add the actual light texture to the 2D control instead of numbering the lights. But it makes Blender slow and not all computers can render transparent texture in Material render mode. I’m still testing but no luck yet.

Great job so far. Why don’t you set up a donations page so we can throw some pizza and beer money at you to help with development :slight_smile:

Donations would be nice. I’m hiring a programmer at every stage. I paid the programmer myself so far. 100% of the donations goes to the development of this plugin.

You can donate to my [leomoon] gmail account with the subject of Blender Light Studio Development.

Wow, very generous of you to share this with the Blender community then :slight_smile: That said, my computer is broken and all my money is diverted towards the cause of buying a new one = broke ape… otherwise I´d gladly donate.

That’s OK. Donations are much appreciated but I’m not waiting for donations to improve this. If I was, I would have made it a paid plugin.

BTW the programmer is @ziel. Soon we’ll add some crazy new features and the plugin might drop it’s beta tag. It might be a while.

I did not know someone is working on it! Good job!


Thanks a lot for this addon and for your work !

There is a new Version 2 up on github. I’m testing it right now. Now we have Light Profiles which means you can have different sets of lights that you can switch between them. So you can make lighting with different moods… Also you’d be able to see the image of the light on the bottom left split by putting the viewport shading on texture mode.

The only thing to remember is that version 2 is NOT backward compatible with previous version.


I also got this error with addon very latest version. I am on Mac OSX Yosemite. I have installed it in my custom addon folder. So far error seems to be connected with my keymap presets. If I disable them by loading Blender default keymap I can enable an addon, otherwise not. I have not noticed a conflict with other addons.

Also when I click “Create Light Studio” button I get this message:

If you want, I’ll send my config files. In any case, thank you so much for the effort! Looks great!

[EDIT] All above seems to be happening on the latest build from buildbot as described. Now I can confirm that addon works great with an official Blender 2.75a.

Hi, great addon. It should be integrated.
Could you add lighting palette similar to Mandelbulb3d software? It changes lighting of object,ambient and has presets with gradients, specular intensity both object and environment.
Source code https://github.com/thargor6/mb3d

Look at this !


^Nice video pitiwazou
… and another great inspiration :eyebrowlift:

Really nice!!!

Hi Marcin!
U did great job with my concept!
Pls add me on Facebook so we can stay in touch.

and pls make this small change - the light should be transparent not black. So instead of Holdout pls use transparent shader node.