Leonard & Edgar

Here’s my newest model of Leonard & Edgar.
Almost a year ago I made a quick sculpt of Sir Edgar Allan Paw and I thought it would be great to reunite him with his friend, the young scientist and inventor, Leonard Lowell :smiley:

And of couse the lovely concept came from my sister Celia :wink:
Check out more of her drawings over here: https://www.facebook.com/CeliaKasparIllustration/
And if you like to see more of my work then visit me here:

Here are also some Viewport Screenshots:

I hope you like it and have a great day!

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Nice! Especially the cat. They’d deserve a lab to sit in.

Excelent job! Looks like digital painting. I love it.

Thanks! Yeah I really like to give my renders a painterly touch :wink: Glad that you like it :smiley:

really really nice! At first I wasn’t sure if the first image was the concept art, you gave a really nice “hand made” feeling!

Well done!

Looks very nice! Are you using vertex paint?

Yes I panted everything with vertex paint :smiley: I think it’s the quickest route and most of all I can just skip the UVs.

Absolutely Epic!!

your illustrative style renders are amazing! Out of curiosity how much of this (if any) was done in photoshop or some other 2d editing software?

Thank you! :smiley:
Basicly I rendered it all in Cycles but together with a bunch of Renderlayers and Passes like different lights, shadows, AO and so on.
Then I adjusted the render in Photoshop by adding seperately rendered lights, adjusting the contrast, colors and mood. Then I painted some details like the particles, glow and steam. So there was a lot of composition done in photoshop but apart from some little shadows and rimlight, I didn’t paint over the characters. :wink:

Really cool!

Very nice work how long it take you.

Man we need more like these. These characters need a short animation for sure… Great Job!

This is incredible. Love the style. And that colorful glowing chemicals… so… so… fabulously 80s.

Whoa this is really good! I love it! Like everyone else here, I love your softer cartoony almost hand painted style! Absolutely fantastic

Thanks! It took me a week of late evenings … I guess about 13 hours :wink:

Looks amazing!
Can you please post your material/compositing setup or tell your secret sauce to achieve this painted look? :slight_smile:

Thanks! Basically made a simple soft, plastic like shader and rendered multiple passes like shadeless color, diffuse direct, AO, shadows and so on and stitched them back together in Photoshop. That way I have more control over the shading and renderstyle even after it was rendered :wink: I also adjusted the contrast and color of the passes separately as layers and was able to mask out areas that I didn’t like (for example glossy areas and shadows).
I also painted the glow, steam and particles on the test tubes but tried not to paint over the characters (except for some shadows and some small fixes).

Also here are some of the rendered passes :wink:


Terrific render! You’ve gotten such a great cartoon look to it. Almost like a slight cell-shading look. Wonderful!

ow yeah! Great feel to the image.

I’m definitely keeping an eye on your work now!

Cool and you have achieve very well, thank for sharing !