Leonardo da Vinci's Horse

Hey all!

My first real post. This is a WIP of da Vinci’s horse.
I am looking for some constructive critz.
http://kitchenkidz.com/WIPs/lasthorse.jpg Thanks in advance. Dipingo

Looks good so far, better lighting would not hurt so we can actually see the details in the shadow.

Nicely detailed. I think the horse head and chest is a bit too, um, robust, compared to the body. The hips and rear legs could stand some beefing up, and the body, I think, should be longer. I believe Da Vinci cast the horse in bronze? Four thin stone ankles would not support the weight of the mass of marble in the body, but four solid bronze ankles could easily handle a hollow bronze body. You may have noticed in a lot of actual stone sculpture the figure is standing in a bush or leaning a leg against a tree stump? Or wears something that brushes the ground? Still, looks great. Work on the lighting and the background, and you’ve got a gallery piece. Four stars :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: .

Nice, could you show the original drawing you’re working from ?

Do you have AO on?

I will render a few more and post today.

Yes AO in on.

Most of my reference came from http://www.leonardoshorse.org/to_italy.asp

da Vinci’s never finished the horse. He did make a clay one but it was shot to bits.

3/4 view

side view

Really awesome mate.

Agreed, looks awesome

The only thing that I can see that looks a bit off is the ears. I don’t know if they’re too pointy or too thin or what, but something. Thats the only thing that doesn’t look as good as the rest of the model. Fantastic job btw.

Thank you all. I will work the ears some more and I hop to work the mane too.