Leonardo Render - 20 Hours of Free GPU Rendering

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I’m going to try it, I haven’t used a renderfarm in around ten years.
When they say 20 hours is that literally use of a gpu for 20 real hours?
That seems like a lot, on my comp I can render this in 5 minutes, so 20 hours that seems crazy!
I’m trying to make larger portfolio renders and I’m reaching my comps limits. Thanks!

How can I remove the banner?
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@LeonardoRender can you comment on this please?

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Nice question !

I totally understand that 20 hours may seems a lot.
We want the Users to fully experience the potential of Leonardo’s App, giving enough room to play with it and experiment as much as possible.

The first important thing to consider is that the free hours for this promotion are in fact GPU-Hours.
This means that if you use 1 GPU, you will actually be able to enjoy 20 hours of rendering.
If you use 2 GPUs the time at your disposal will be 10 hours, and so on.

The power of our platform is the GPU Virtualization. You can scale up to hundreds GPUs and apply all the power on a single frame.

Subscribers during the promotion will be rewarded with an amount of credits that equals 20 GPU Hours.
So technically yes, you can enjoy 20 hours of free gpu rendering on 1 gpu, or decide to scale up to more GPUs, this will reduce the number of free hours.

Happy to respond to any further question.


Leonardo Render Team

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Awesome! My RAM render memory is not enough on my computer for trees, subsurf etc. and now I’m getting into vector displacement, and if I put any vector into this render my blender would just blink out :smiley:

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Do You usually render with Cycles on CPU or GPU?
If GPU, which model do you have?


Leonard Render Team

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What is the privacy policy as in LR’s access levels to the project and final renders etc? I would like to know this because NDA projects might restrict how one can use renderfarms with non restricted access to the project.

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Hi kkar,

The Leonardo’s client servers are strictly protected and inaccessible by the facility staff.
Every projects is automatically deleted immediately after completion.

We are working on an additional level of security imposed by the industry standards.

Client’s Intellectual Property protection is our priority since day one.


Leonardo Render Team.

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Thanks for the follow up

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I think I use only cpu with perhaps basic generic Dell brand gpu :D, (can’t run Blender 2.8) I have an I7 with I think 8 processors. Mainly I crash if the image render size is too large, I’ve tried increasing virtual memory and have read some people get 30 gig memory peak during render which I probably couldn’t do in any circumstance.

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Hey, did you try QBIK?
We sent the free credits out for the subscibers.

The product is now available on www.leonardorender.com
Let me know if you received the credits.


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@LeonardoRender Is the free credits scheme still available?

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Waiting for EEVEE support :blush:

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Does it work for animations?

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We will release the animation feature very soon! It’s ready and under test. We will post the update here.

Qbik Team

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We can send free credits to You if you want to give it a try.
Send Your email here: [email protected]

We will send you a free package.


Qbik Team