Leonardo's desk.

An old scene I made for a weekend challenge last year.

Modeled with 2.25, re-rendered with 2.33a, AO and raytraced reflections and shadows.

Please click here to view.

Click here for old 2.25 render.

Some attempt at photorealism was intended.

C&C welcome,


You really made a difference with the 2 renders, you should try another in 2.34, there’s going to be dist. raytracing and greatly enhance shadows

That’s not going to be in 2.34.

A definite improvement.

The textures on the drawing on the table seems to be a little low res and pixelated. Kind of throws it off some.


Wow big improvement between the two.

I think so, too. The second is much better. But it seems that the invention doesn’t stand on the paper under it. And the magnifying glass has a very low IOR, could it be?

cu, spazz

very nice hope you get even better

That’s a very nice render, Sonix.
Now that 2.34 is out I’ll have to revisit some of my blends too :slight_smile:


Wow, blender 2.34 is a lot better.

Hey thankyou all.

>rushes off to get 2.34

<will return re-rendered. :smiley: