Leonardo's Rocket

Hi guys,

I took the time to make this image for a contest. The goal was to design a an original flying device based on Leonardo da Vinci’s work. It didn’t matter if it could actually take off or not.

  • The maximum size allowed was 1024 x 768, so I worked directly within those constraints and that’s why I don’t have a higher resolution image (for now). My apologies.


nice image. a few points:

  1. the barricade stumps could be a bit more shiney/reflective.
  2. there should probably be more light towards the top end of the walls considering the open ceiling would be letting in much more light that it is now.

good work.

Looks like a good start. I like the museum idea! The first thing I noticed which bugged me was the scale. I can understand that not everything in a museum is life-size, but the small people with big ropes… something just doesn’t fit. What happens if you put a “real” person in there, as if they were viewing the exhibit?

I hope you won the contest because this is wonderful. I love the atmosphere! It looks like something that he would have concocted.