Leopard 2 Tank

I have modeled this one a few months ago. I am planning to use this tank with my OH-58D model in a fly-by scene.
No subdivision surface (except the machine gun). 395K vertices.
I hope you like it.



nice model; are you gonna texture it ?

ookka - very nice model…looking forward to the final piece.

Incredible work, oozkan07! Extreme detail to the max! This is the best looking tank I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t believe I’ve seen your OH-58D model yet, but I’ll look it up! Can’t wait to see more from you.

By the way, do you have any intention of selling this model? I have been looking at tanks on TurboSquid for an upcoming film project this year, but would much rather feature the work of a Blender artist from the community. Of course I’d be happy to pay you whatever you think is fair. If you have any interest, feel free to send me a PM (I don’t want to hijack your thread!).

5 stars!

It is not from me :wink: Nicely done, indeed.

Looks really good, also modeled off one of the best tanks in the world.

Thank you for your comment. Actually the model is textured but I take your comment as the texture is not showing!!
I tried also a brown one but I didn’t like it so I made dark grey/green color. I tired to make the model feel like real tank.
Anyway I am also attaching the brown one. Please tell me which one you like.

Thanks again…


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Great model!

I love the Leopard 2, and this is a wonderful model of it… great work! post wires plzz

Looks more green from the top, maybe not green enough IMO. Most Leopard tanks I’ve seen on the internet have camo.

I would be delighted beyond words if you chose to upload this model to Blend Swap, oozkan07! That would be very gracious of you!
I would be sure to not only give credit, but also a link to any other site you would like (website, facebook page, etc).

If the polycount is too high to upload to Blend Swap, you could always remove the machine gun and upload it as a separate blend.

As for the textures, I think I prefer the overall color of the gray version, but I do also really like the dirty/worn look of the brown map a lot! Beautiful work!

Hi James,

I am sorry for the late replay but I was very busy with work and private life issues. I have uploaded the blend file.

This is the link:

The model was not structured for animation, I hope you can use it.

Let me know if you need anything.

PS: Someone asked for a wireframe, here it is :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, oozkan07, that’s very kind of you! I’ll be sure to send you a link to the film once it’s completed (it should be sometime this summer). Thanks again!

This is very cool, how did you do the tracks? They are very well done! :slight_smile:

and this is what keeps me trying to learn to blender! looks great! one question thought. The part under the gunners view, with the 2 vieports, is that part of the body or is that just another overlaping object?

Hi Malofski, thanks for your comments. It is actually another piece. If you want to review the model you can download it from blendswap.

Hi Kinryu, I followed a tutorial. Search for blendernerd tank tracks…

Hi oozkan07,
thx for the Leo Model. I like to use it in some animation. But before i have to rig it an retexture it to the correct German Army Camouflage.

This is what i have so far. WIP!!!

The whole animation of the tracks is driver driven and done with some python scripts.

Good work.

Awesome job rigging the model, Anreas80! Thanks for posting that video. Did you base your work on a tutorial? I would love to learn how to rig a tank like that.