Leopard 2A4 model

Hi all!
As title says, it’s a Leopard 2A4 main battle tank with smoothbore 120mm cannon, made by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann. This is my first serious project done firstly in Blender 2.79, then in 2.8. I was working at this model from the end of 2017. All textures made proceduraly in Blender. Fell free to comment. Hope you enjoed! :smiley:


Looks Very nice and detailed, could use a bit of dirt and wear tho in my oppinion, it’d add a lot of character

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Okay, that’s good idea, next renders will be with this feature, but at that moment I have to learn how to do it without UV unwraping and some new procedural technics. I also looked for procedural camouflage, but I can’t find tutorials/ make it with satysfying results. I think, that I must just play with nodes more often.

good luck, hope you find something

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Wow very cool! This is a very nicely detailed model. How did you do the cloth around the base of the barrel?

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Thank you! I just sculpted it and made node setup, which will looks like cloth :smiley:

That’s really a great model but it would indeed profit from some wear and tear. I happen to have made this low poly Tiger that has a procedural 3 color camo texture and some rust. You could use it as a starting point for your own texture.

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Thank you! Your Tiger I model is great! But I’m looking for more modern camouflage like Bundeswehr Leopard 2A5 “forest” camo. I also started working on dirt texture.
I’m really appreciating for example of camo texture :wink:

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Really nice looking mesh. Brings back memorys when i served :slight_smile:

For Cycles camo:

Would also make some edges less sharp. For wear and tear (and proper texture tricks), you can get some inspiration from the World of Tanks Models found at Polycount

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Thank you! Unfortunately this camo is not satisfying of my needs. Wargaming have good looking model, but idk yet how to make this “dust”/“sand” texture.