My first completed project in blender :slight_smile:

I had wanted to make a big cat for quite some time after watching the incedible CG tiger Richard Parker, featured in Life of Pi… so a leopard request i saw on blendswap.com triggered this project.

I learned a lot about hair particles, quadruped rigging and cycles while making this :slight_smile:
-Sculpted in sculptris
-Textured with MS paint, photoshop and blender
-The rest done in blender


Great render! The fur is very well done

thanks! :smiley:

really nice. love the fur and the pose. eyes, i think, should go a little deeper into the head. and teeth are too small, they look like teeth of a baby leopard. nevertheless outstanding work.

Thanks ! :slight_smile: hehe know, but when i realised those errors it was a little to late :o but some shapekeys might do the work!

Very nice work.

A quick scene I made to get the “africa feel”

(picture moved to threadstart)

hey hey wizard tricks :wink: when i commented only the “africa feel” was posted… lol

Nice model!
The texturing in the body looks fine for me. But the face expression seems kinda odd, maybe the eyes are too wide open. If you use more threatening look maybe it look cooler

@doris The “africa feel” was my second render ^^ I changed the threadstart picture back to the first render again since the whole model is visible :slight_smile:

Tnx !=D hehe i know, the expression is kinda awkward… it looks kinda like a hungry cat that have found the biggest and tastiest mouse ever :slight_smile:

@derpy_hooves Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Very nice!

You may want to vary teh fur length a little, feels slightly too uniform to me…

longer whiskers on teh eyebrows and for teh fur a bit longer on the belly and the haunches (backs of the upper limbs where they meet the body), inside the ears and also the “arm pits” for want of a better word!

see this pic:


A shape key of a snarll will always look impressive too (i know this is a snow leapard pic but teh wrinkles on teh nose really sell! and the rough texture on the tongue would be a great touch!

Great model and texture though! love it!

@Michael W

thanks! : )

Yes, I agree on all your advices :slight_smile:

Im currently working on a snarl shapekey:


The different hair groups (looks like a clown :D)
Obviously there are some minor gaps, but its hard to spot those when rendering original textures.


Hi marko, just a question.
How you applied a texture to the hair? I mean the leopard marks.


Hey :slight_smile: Do you mean the final rend? The UV texture is applied to the model with a material, like any texture normally is. In the hair particle panel i can select what material the hair should be… i selected the material that has the UV leopard texture. The hairparticles will therefore have the same colors as the texture.

it works =) thanks bro!


Nice :smiley: no problem!

Very nice work!