Leopard2A4 light model 4 anim

Hellow all. I’m during long, long rest from blender, but i have to produce additional animation project for interactive presentations.

Leopard 2A4 animation for army.

Below are screens from production. Starting stage with low level of detail, done in 8 hours:



I wonder if it is worth to show it at CG talk. Maybe some later:-?.

hmm everything is worth of showing at cgtalk. But if you are talking about “will I get alot of comment if I show it there”, you probably would.

But one thing killing it right now is your lighting setup. You should have a better lighting rig to present the model in some better way.

The model looks flawless atm, some not smoothed area like the barrel, but you will probably fix that later on.

keep up working

Looks very good! only thing that needs better detail is the treads(tracks). will you do the turret attachment that the newer model use?

I could do it ofcourse. I don’t see technical problem here to do it. But there are another reasons why i wan’t show it. I have to use symbolic and very simplified equipment, so it is like it looks:



I agree with you Ecks with lighting and sharp edges. It’s simplified for the moment, becouse i’m limited by mashine i was working on. Anyway everything looks much better in the moovement and such details are not visible so much.

For that short amount of time the model looks amazing, do a good job on textures and everything will be fine :slight_smile:

But I reccomend upgrading to Blender 2.37a :stuck_out_tongue:

it looks great, but the turret isn’t detailed enough compare to the lower body, there are more pieces and armour there.

Burt S. glad to see your blending again.

I agree with the lighting crits(I’t is WIP),but I love the modeling so far.
Hope to see it finished at CGtalk.
Btw are your using a slower computer than usual?


That’s a great model. The texturing looks fine, but add realism by not making it look so perfect. Even if it’s a brand new tank, it should have some little imperfections. Again, great model.