lepord and macbook dont work with blender??? nooooo

i was reading this thread and now im worryed. i was hping to get a new macbook (macbook pro is out of the question) but if blender wont work then il have to serously reconsider. any ideas? or does anyone know where i can find a cheap version of tiger?

run Linux on a regular laptop,Linux is stable and you can get more prosessing power for less money

Yup. Linux on a laptop.

I wonder how people would react if someone looking for a Linux laptop was told to buy a Mac. You’d probably be ok with that wouldn’t you? :stuck_out_tongue:

The incompatibility as pointed out is not to do with stability, it’s simply the drivers with the Leopard system not working with Blender or more likely the other way round.

I haven’t seen any reports of other 3D software not working with Leopard so maybe something Blender does is incompatible and maybe some compile settings need to be changed.

Maybe the PPC version would work under Rosetta.

You can also get Tiger as you said. In fact, I remember reading that some of the laptops are being sold with Tiger and a Leopard upgrade disc. I don’t know the details but I’m sure if you asked the store they might be able to give you that option. Cheap versions of Tiger will be on ebay.

Another solution would be to install Windows and dual boot until the issue is resolved. This way you get the best unix experience and the best commercial support for other kinds of software.

Nonetheless, for Blender work I wouldn’t recommend a Macbook because the integrated graphics are poor. The new ones are better but still poor. Of course it’s hard to find a good laptop of any kind around that price range that doesn’t have crappy graphics options.

A refurb Macbook Pro would be a better option and comes with a full warranty. You can sometimes get those at just £200 more than the base Macbook. The cheapest one on there just now is the latest one and still $600 more than the Macbook:


But they do have the Core 2 Duo with the X1600 graphics on there sometimes. You could check local resellers like PC World for older models.

Uh… Maybe a few macs have issues with blender, but maybe a few linux laptops have problems with blender.

There’s more to life than Blender, and the MacBook is an awesome tool / appliance for a lot more useful and enjoyable things than Linux laptops for the overwhelming majority of people on the planet. Enough said on that.

Until our beloved Blender programmers solve the issue (I believe they can and will), the only options are to live without the few features that don’t display properly in Leopard on the MacBook, or install another OS. I do plenty w/o those features, but when I feel the need I run blender in Windows XP on Parallels. As another mentioned, you could use the Boot Camp feature of Leopard to install Windows so you can boot directly to it and skip the cost of Parallels, but then you have to choose between being in Windows or being in OS X.

We have options, but we await the version that will “Just work” since that’s what we Mac users have come to expect of our computers.

It’s worth noting that you can also install your favorite Linux distro in Parallels and run blender on that, but as always with Linux, your milage will vary greatly.


You’re acting as if Blender on Linux is slower than Blender on Windows. Not so. In fact, quite the opposite.

i have a couple of versions of blender that work on macbook pro tiger

What is “lepord”?

I’m running Blender 2.45 on my MacBook Pro with Tiger right now. I’ve held off on upgrading to Leopard for the same reason I haven’t upgraded my PC’s to Vista, I’m waiting for the new OS to “stabilize”. Lots of apps had issues with Leopard and, one by one, they’re all releasing fixes. I’d submit a bug report at blender.org so the devs are at least aware that there’s a hardware issue.

If you just can’t get Blender to work on your MB and can’t get Tiger, another option for now might be to run Ubuntu on a VM with Fusion or Parallels. I haven’t tried it myself, but have been tempted to install Ubuntu on my MBP just to see how well it works. I’ve had nothing but problems with BootCamp on my MBP.

This seems to only been happening on the MacBooks, so why are people with MacBook Pros saying there isn’t a problem? Unless they are experiencing the same problem, there is no reason to post irrelevant information on a computer that is not in question.