Les Paul Guitar Gold Top

This is my new project the Les Paul Gold Top. Let me know what you think/suggest improvements? Ive also been wanting to know how to remove the grainyness from the render, i am using cycles.

Thanks :slight_smile:



A few things I noticed:

It looks like your getting some shading artifacts on the edge of the top. I suspect it may be topology related but I can’t tell without seeing the wire.

The recurve in the top doesn’t start early enough

The fret board looks flat, it should have a slight curve to it which get reduces in radius towards the higher frets ever so slightly.

The pickup covers are usually chrome, you don’t need an anisotropic shader on them

Obviously you’re just getting started on it, so you need to put the binding in, and add the mahogany material for the body etc.

I look forward to seeing it finished

looks good, but I also noticed the strange reflections on corners…and it does look like a topology issue. Could we see a wireframe in edit mode?

Everything in general needs more of a polished, glossy look to it.

besides the shaders which have already been pointed out… i have played guitar 8 years, and one of my guitars is a les paul… the neck in your model appears to be too fat vertically, and is not thick enough. if you designed it with a detachable neck than it could pass as aftermarket that the player replaced themselves to fit their playing style, but it appears you did not include the proper seams or hardware necessary for this to be the case. just something i noticed. other than that, les pauls are a hard one to model so still good work

Thanks for the input guys ill take it on board. I have fixed the pickups, I triangulated the mesh ( i have no idea why) and that could be causing the weird edges at the top. Any suggestions on what i could do?

Nice work. Can show some wireframes? Would make it easier to see what’s going on.

Is this any good for you? i managed to convert the triangles back into quads but i am still getting that weird edge.

wooooooah! You have way too many verts…it looks like you have applied subsurf or something? It is going to be extremely difficult to fix the edge without modelling that part again…

Yeah ive just realized that :frowning: and yeah i applied a subsurf! any ideas?

Tip 1 would be to never apply sub surf…there is normally no need too :confused: All i can really think of is modelling the base again…and keep it as simple and clean as possible…I wonder if there will ever be a modifier which can reverse the effects of subsurf…Good Luck :slight_smile:

i have a few tricks up my sleeve now… i still have to do the guitar edge binding maybe that would cover it up :smiley:

This is the newest render if anyone is interested…

I think you should invest the time to redo the body of the guitar. You can see all sorts of kinks in there. I’m no expert with guitars so could only use a reference image from google, attached is a 15 minute blend on how I would approach this. Maybe it’s useful for you.

les_paul_speed_model.blend (490 KB)

can i also make a suggestion. this might sound bad at first, but go with me for a minute. Re model the body. create it from scaling a circle with no more than 20 verts to the shape of the bottom half of the body ONLY USING S>X and S>Y… ONLY rough out the shape to as close as possible. THEN where edges are flat manually fix them. Then do E>S>0… now without removing doubles, Edge loop the surface Ctrl+R>(scroll to 4 or 5 loops). Remove doubles. cut the circle in half then extrude along the length of the body, using S>X/Y to shape it to the body. in edit mode create another circle (same # of verts as your other circle!) for the rhythm switch portion of the body. E>S to the size of the hole nesecary for the switch. now cut the circle into a 1 quarter shape. this will provide you with an edge which you can loft to the top 1/4 of the half circle you have already begun to extrude. model the hook at the bottom of the body by hand using E. Now that you have done this, extrude ~1.75-2". then you will have a series of loops in the center of your body from your edge loops that can easily be Alt+R-Clicked and raised with G>Z.

Im sry if that was hard to follow XD. i have modeled a less paul before and after neumerous trial and error with subdevisions found that it should be treated as a circle and extruded inwards, not upwards, and the diamonds from subdevisions are what create the weird edges.

Best luck. if you would like me to elaborate i can record a short video also explaining the topolagy, it may be easier than trying to read my mess.

that sounds so complicated way beyond my level! i have remodelled the body rendering it atm and ill post another picture…ive gotten rid of the weird edges and now have the cream binding around the whole body :slight_smile:

I have taken all opinions into account and have remodelled the body. I am quite happy with the results.

It seems to me that you don’t have enough frets on the the neck, I’m counting 18, and the 12th fret seems way to close to the body, I’m guessing you already have referance images, but if you need anything in particular let me know, I have a les paul and could take some pics for you.

ino thats another issue im gonna have to fix. when i first started modelling this i never knew how far it was going to go. I have my les paul sitting infront of me for inspiration :wink:

Its no where near as complicated as I described it. It will remove ALL your topo errors. It is also likely faster than what you are doing. If u are happy with your results than thats ok. They arent bad. But if you would like I can probably SHOW YOU how to model the whole body topo error free in less than the 10 minutes I took to write it out for you.

Its really not that cmplicated. You just have to look at the whole body as 3 circles instead of a plane with concave and convex edges.

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