Les Paul Guitar

This is a model of a Gibson Les Paul I’m working on…
I only have the bridge ATM but I’m working on it.
What do you think?


Really good start! I hope you paint it sunburst :cool:

I’ve done some more to the body. The white plastic is a bit too white… but easily fixed.
what do you think of the dials? Some how they look too cartoony. turn down IOR and/or transmitivity?


I think the wood texture on the side should be rotated 90 degrees.

Otherwise it looks good.


really good except the texture stretch… use dif mapping =3
possibly cubic mapping.

Where did you get the wood texture? It looks great!

It looks good, but it looks flat. The les pauls I’ve seen aren’t flat. Maybe you could fix that?

I got the texture from the blender open material repository.
I’ll probable fix the mapping next…

the body is too thin and doesn’t have the bump on the top.

Agree. Look here


to see how “fat” is LesPaul…