Les Paul Guitar

Hi all,

Just a guitar i modelled and then tryed to make look interesting by playing around with harsh lighting and ramping up bloom effects in the compositor. I was going a hazy stage lighting kind of look. Anyway please give me feedback and tell me how to improve it! Thanks :slight_smile:


Well the most obvious issue to me is that isn’t a Les Paul fret-board. Gibson guitars have very distinct position marker inlays. As real as the guitar looks, my first impression, if someone was trying to sell me that in real like, is that it’s a Les Paul knock off. Also the emblem just above the nut is missing on the headstock.

The second clear issue is the fact that they strings all seem to be the same gauge. People notice that… even if it’s subconscious they’ll notice something is wrong. You should string it more realistically and I don’t just mean scaling the cylinders… you want the low strings to be wound as they would in real life. You should be able to get away with that using a bump map if you don’t want to model it.

The two more minor issues is that the tuning pegs seem a bit thin and at that angle I should be able to see “Gibson”, “Les Paul” written on the headstock.

Besides that, the wood texture looks great as does the knobs, switch, and the pick guard. The material on the humbuckers and bridge look just a tad dull to me. The layout and lighting are pretty solid. For what’s there it all looks really good. It just needs a few upgrades.

EDIT: Oh, some more… I just noticed that I should still see a little bit of the top guitar strap peg at that angle and we should probably see just the slightest bit of the 1/4 guitar jack. Though, maybe not… if it’s not there it should be modeled anyway. If it is there, then, well, I’m wrong.

Thanks for the detailed feedback, you clearly know your gibson guitars well.

I’ll probably re-model the guitar when i’ve finished my current project and post you the result. I did all this some time ago now so hopefully i’ll be able to do a better job this time round.