Les Paul Style Guitar

Here’s what I hope is a final image of my dream guitar. The only problem is, I can’t figure out how to make it all one object since only the neck is UV mapped. If I join them, it gives the whole thing a UV Texture, which I don’t want. If someone could help me on that, that would be great!


What I would do is parent all the parts to an empty, which has several advantages.

  1. You can position it easily
  2. You can select all the parts (select the empty, then shift-G>>children to select all the little parts)
  3. You can easily view it in the outliner (all the parts are under the empty, and you can toggle it up or down to hide or show them)

As for actual critiques,

  1. If the wireframe if the body is still the same as the one you posted in the WIP, it’s bad. :wink:
    With a nice smooth shape like that, you shouldn’t have any 3- or 5-poles on the outside.
    (actually, all the pages are a must read)
  2. The lighting is boring.
  3. The brass knobs need material work.
  4. Use a wardiso specular shader for hard highlights, or use emitting meshes and raytraced reflections (which will be more realistic than specular shaders)
  5. The image is blurry, it looks like you’re using a Gaussian AA filter. Try the Mitchel filter instead.
  6. Blenderartists.org attachments usually result in poor image quality. Render as PNG, and upload to an image hosting site, like imageshack.us, or pasteall.org/pic

Hope the crits were helpful! :slight_smile:

As far as the image quality goes, click on the image once, then click on the pop-up again to open it in a new window. You then get the whole image (which can be zoomed in on) and the quality that it was rendered at. As for everything else, I changed the knobs, the specularity, and I’ve taken a look at the link and I’m now starting to fix some of the problems in the mesh. For the lighting, I’ll be doing another scene with a full instrument setup on stage, as soon as I finish the drum set. That’ll definitely have different lighting. As far as the blurring goes, I didn’t do anything to the image to make it blurry. Again, try doing the whole image thing I posted above. I probably won’t be posting the improved image for a little while, but I’ll do it as soon as possible. And thanks for the information on parenting the empty to the parts of the guitar. It really helped.

Here’s another render. I’m still working a little bit on the ‘Subpatch Modeling’, but I’m almost finished. Thanks again for the advice, Spacetug.


I know about clicking through to the full size image. :wink:
I was saying that the AA (probably straight from blender, unless you resized the image) is blurry.

The materials are looking better.

Okay. Sorry about that; I misunderstood. I’m working on fixing that right now (since I didn’t resize the image).

Does AA stand for the Aspects Y and X? If so what should I change them to, and if not, what are they?

Seems like a good modelling work in general (although I am no authority on modelling), and I definitely LOVE guitars and all things musical!

AA= Anti-aliasing. There are a handful of different filters you can choose from in Blender… The default is ‘Gaussian’ which provides a bit of subtle blur. ‘Mitchell’ is a sharper filter, which may or may not be better for this render.


Thank you, Born! That definitely cleared up a few things. Here’s another Render with antialiasing, and here’s what I came up with.


Sorry, I thought I had enabled the mich, but something happened where it didn’t work. Here’s the actual image.


Does anyone know what I should do to prepare this for TurboSquid? I’ll be putting it up for free, but I wanted to know what else I should do to finish it up. Thanks in advance!

that looks great, but I would like to see you put the key/main light about 30 degrees off to the left of the camera, and give it a very slight yellow tint.
also, the shadows in studio setups are usually fairly soft.

Thanks, I’ll do that! I’ll post a render hopefully within the next half hour or so.

Alright, here’s what I hope is the final render. Is that too yellow?


Maybe you should have a little bit less yellow yes.

Also can you post some more angles so we can really see the detail?

Really nice model btw :slight_smile:

Here’s the same view with the yellow lessened. More views coming as soon as the next one finishes rendering!


Here’s another view. I’ve got a closeup rendering now.


Actually, I’m afraid those are all of the views I can do now; blender crashed when I tried to get closer images. I hope the back view gave you a better idea of the model.

make the materials stand out. they’re good materials even pretty good but it looks like many guitars i have seen done in blender. make it shiny. give it life. you have a good model. but many people have done guitars. that being said, make it stand out.(and maybe brighten the lighting a little bit)

nice looking guitar. i think you might want to check the proportions of the guitar vs. the stand. it looks like a tiny guitar in a huge stand right now.