Les Paul

this is my 1st time making anything in blender. besides soft bodys and fluid sims.:yes:

IDK how to fix the white things in on the body of the guitar. iv tryed. to rotate it. re-scale it. use ctrl+n nothing works… :frowning:

I think I had a similar problem with an oreo cookie. Try turning on Autosmooth.

Nice modeling for a first prodject

thank u =)

ya that worked thank u very much =)


Here is some more iv been working on =)

Hey, came over to check it out. Doesn’t look too bad. Maybe post a pic of the wireframe so we can see how you put things together :).

DANG IT!! i deleted the blend file… F*CK!!

if you have auto save on, there should be a numbered file in c/tmp or in the auto save folder in blender. Try also the quit file.

i deleted it off my pc…=( ill just restart and post my progress on this thread…


new guitar…its really ugly… took 3 hours to make…um…idk how to fix the bright purple things… yeah…it sucks… i clicked auto smooth…CTRL+N nothing…

For ctrl+n make sure you have all the verts selected also try remove doubles (with all verts selected).
Nice job for your first.

i tryed that doublez… thank u tho