Les Paul

Not meant to be an exact copy, loosely based on a Warmoth body.

I’m not really sure about the topology here. While I feel this is better than my previous attempts it still seems off and gets a little inconsistent around the curves.

Any advice would be appreciated.

looks nice so far, the only advice i can give is maybe make 4 holes for knobs

I had holes for them earlier, but they messed with the topology and caused some nasty artefacts. The knobs would pretty much cover them, so I think I’ll just do it the cheap way.


A little progress, the bridge looks tiny but the saddles line up with the poles pretty well. I think it’s just the effect of the no pickup mounting rings and no stopbar. I also added a cover to the neck pickup, I think the mismatch looks nice.

So it looks like your model is a left handed version, darn southpaws lol, but anyway, I’m not sure about the holes in the body for the pickups, I can’t tell for 100% on my les paul, but it looks like the pickup cutouts are rectangular. But for sure the bridge needs to be adjusted, it shouldn’t be perfectly straight left to right, but rather get a bit closer to the pickup on the high E side. The only oter thing I know at least on mine guitar is the neck is not bolted on, I think it’s glued on, but that might be a matter of model version. Looks great though, a lot better than mine was going.

Alright, I just popped off the covers on my pickups, and your cutouts are correct, I never knew. haha!

The reference was actually right handed, but I modelled it from the left viewport which was apparently the wrong way around! It’s bolt-on since it’s based off of a Warmoth body, though you’re right that Les Pauls are typically set necks.

Also, thanks for bringing the bridge tilt to my attention. I think I’ve got that adjusted at the right angle now. I’ve also created the stopbar and redid the materials after accidentally using the wrong build of Blender (one without cycles) which broke all of them.

looking very nice now, i have an ibanez with a double cut away les paul design, this looks pretty accurate

You adjusted the bridge the wrong way, since the cutout is on the left where the high E string, the bridge should be tilted the opposite of how you have it, still looks awsome regardless. Nice work!

Ah! I adjusted it according to reference image, which was still backwards.

And here’s a little more progress:


Most of it is done now, just need to get the little things: knobs, switches, strap holders, and some other details on the back.

Also needs a bridge on the head stock, as well as a cover to access the neck adjustment, that is if that particular model has them. Just incase you forgot :wink: Looks better and better with every post though.

Didn’t spend a whole lot of time on it over the weekend, but I did add a few parts. It’s getting close to completion now, just needs strap holders and electronic covers (which I might omit). After that perhaps a proper scene to go along with it.

I hate commenting on guitars, but here goes. I used to make and repairs guitars a while back. The modelling is very nice, but slightly inconsistent with the true Les Paul style. If that’s what you were going for any ways. I am very impressed by the modelling of all of the hardware! It’s actually pretty believable. I will say that the truss rod cover needs to be flush with the nut on the headstock. I will also tell you that the cut-away probably needs to bee bevelled down for usability by the player. It makes the access to the higher frets easier.

Other than that, nice job, and keep up the good work!