Les Paul

Working on a new project to practice hard surface modeling.


Looks good so far man, it will be cool to see what finish you put on it. coughsunburstcough hah!

looks good! but your front bordering edge needs a tighter double loop. the edge should be sharp in the front and the back edge of the guitar should be slightly rounded, roughly .7 cm diameter.

may i see a pic of your wireframe? i made a les paul a while back before i reset my pc, and im curious how similar my method of topography was to yours.

Ok, so I wasn’t satisfied with my topology on this at all so I completely remade the mesh from scratch and I feel it turned out way better this time. Added a few textures just to help it look more like a guitar. I’m posting up a wireframe of this as well. If anyone has any critiques of the topology please let me know. I’m still struggling with that aspect of modeling.


can i make a suggestion? because your topology, tho appears to work, still seems like it could be better. hav you considered using a half circle for the base, and connecting it to a quarter circle for the pickup switch, and modeling out the shape of the hook at the base by hand?

doing it like this puts the center of each circle relitivly inline with the pickups/pickup switch… this is how i did it, and untill my OS started acting funny with no backups, it looked great.

Finished up the hardware on the body.


Looking great :smiley: My brother wishes he had one of these! btw nice wooden texture