Less is more

First shot of new interior project.



Very very nice.

Nice, but why is the brown leather material (or whatever it is) so shiny? The material does not seem very believable…

Propably you have never seen such glossy leather material.
so check out this photos

Superbe lighting, color balancing and composition.
What I really like is the fact that you’ve made the light on the behind wall participating to the weight balance of the image as if it was an object of the scene by the interaction with the wall texture mapped this way.

Does this image come straight from octane or have you tweaked it in pp?
Seriously. It’s a superbe composition.

Thank you very much, I was waiting for your comment LazyVirsu hah :wink:
of course i made some pp- color, a litle bit lighting etc.

so this is rendered by Octane not Cycles?

yep, by octane :wink:

I’m glad I looked at this in full resolution; the attention to detail becomes very obvious. At first I also thought the leather was a bit too glossy, but upon closer inspection, it’s quite believable. Overall, I really like the modelling, materials, lighting and composition. Great work!

Thank you :wink:

Octance is really awesome!! Nice job man!!!