Less than lethal round

Just want to see what everyone thinks of my scene of a prototype less than lethal round.

I wasn’t happy with the lighting so I tweaked it some.

I think the lighting in the first post is better. More detail of the model shows up.

I disagree, the second one’s lighting seems better to me, the reflection seems too diminished in the first.
I really like but I think the bumping/texture makes the material look more like leather than metal.

The black surfaces are a high strength plastic to minimize weight but, increase the amount of times it can be reused.

I liked the way that the previous scene looked so I decided to create a larger scene building on that one.

change your specular of the floor to a light grey? should make it look a bit better

haha… nerf gun :stuck_out_tongue:

haha… nerf gun :stuck_out_tongue:

lol that made me think of a freddie wong short

“Nerf gun” or no, the last shot is much closer to being correctly exposed. A few lighting inconsistencies (the rear gunstock appears to be floating in space), and the ammunition is a bit underexposed (devoid of specular highlights). I don’t know why the table they’re sitting on has to be “mirrored,” and I’m frankly not sure that it actually makes the scene better. Makes it feel very sterile, which is probably where the “ha ha, nerf gun” reaction is coming from. Dress the various surfaces up with some textures that suggest the weapon has been well-used … so we can imagine its owner sayin’ … :ba: “Ha ha, nerf gun, you say. I say, I blow up your face now …” :ba: