Lessons in hard surface modelling

Here are renders of an xbox 360 game pad(it was the only complex looking object i had lying around the house) from an exercise on hard surface modeling, feedback and creative criticism would be most welcome and appreciated

its available for download on blendswap in case anybody wants it…


beauty !! one thing caught my eye …the red button seams to be out a bit… or maybe its the angle… other than that…its a good work !! :+1:

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I agree the coloured buttons don’t seem to lie on the controller, the joy sticks look look like they could be dipped a little more? And the left joy stick is a little far over to the left. Overall this looks great, and my comments may be just down to preference. You have got the plastics looking really nice :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks so much for the feedback, the placement of the buttons was due to the blueprints i had and i also had an xbox 360 controller in hand to compare with, that seemed to be the position of the buttons and also like you observed the angle is not helping the issue, i appreciate your feedback so much… i am open to further observations… thanks so much

thanks much for the observations, i will try and fix them