Let an object pile on another one smoothly

i want to make a pile of a mesh monkey(that looks fun!!)

but it is hard to pile it by rotate object(that looks unnatural)

thanks for help

well if you want to put a bunch of monkeys in a pile whithout adjusting them manually you will have to learn game physics first. then you can put a bunch of monkeys in a wad above a plane, and drop them. once having set this up, you can bake the physics into an ipo curve, and now you not only have your monkey pile, but you can replay the event.

You could use dupliverts:
Create a plane.
Get rid of two verts on a side.
Select all verts. (akey)
Use subdivide multi and select the number of monkeyheads-2. (w-2)
Go to object mode.
Hit center new in editing\mesh.
Create a monkey.
Select monkey first and then the plane thingy we just made.
Hit ctrl-p and select make parent. Now monkey is parented to the plane thingy.
Select the plane thingy.
Hit object\Anim Settings\Dupliverts.
Go to edit mode and scale till the monkeyheads are nicely aligned.
You might want to move the plane thingy upwards one unit. (g, hit ctrl and move) This way we get rid of the anomaly in the middle.

here’s a tutorial that was in the release notes btw, it looks pretty good. remember though, if you make your scene complicated, you could be in for a wait if you don’t have a computer tyhat is quite fast.

Thanks modron thats a good thread!