'Let it snow...' christmas mood interior scene

Merry Christmas to all the blender artists out there !
Here’s a little render i made in Blender and rendered in Cycles. I used my previous archviz scene and rearranged it for Christmas.
While it’s getting cold outside, the rendering machine can really make your house warmer :slight_smile:


Looking really nice! Only thing that jumps out is the brick texture in the fireplace seems a bit too flat. An the light from the fire would be more yellowish and less evenly spread. The granite floor near the fireplace would be a bit dirtier near the fireplace.

Another more compisitional comment - the toy train implies kids in the house. If there are kids in the house young enough to play with a toy train, glasses and candles would be a big no-no and there would probably be a few more toys laying around :wink:

Happy blending!

I featured you on BlenderNation, merry Christmas!

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You’re in the holidays special on BlenderNation. Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

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Thanks Bart!
That makes a really Merry Christmas !

The blend-ier the merrier :slight_smile:

another shot from this scene while editing a small tut on frosty windows… to be released next week