'Let it snow...' christmas mood interior scene

Merry Christmas to all the blender artists out there !
Here’s a little render i made in Blender and rendered in Cycles. I used my previous archviz scene and rearranged it for Christmas.
While it’s getting cold outside, the rendering machine can really make your house warmer :slight_smile:


Looking really nice! Only thing that jumps out is the brick texture in the fireplace seems a bit too flat. An the light from the fire would be more yellowish and less evenly spread. The granite floor near the fireplace would be a bit dirtier near the fireplace.

Another more compisitional comment - the toy train implies kids in the house. If there are kids in the house young enough to play with a toy train, glasses and candles would be a big no-no and there would probably be a few more toys laying around :wink:

Happy blending!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, merry Christmas!

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You’re in the holidays special on BlenderNation. Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

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Thanks Bart!
That makes a really Merry Christmas !

The blend-ier the merrier :slight_smile:

another shot from this scene while editing a small tut on frosty windows… to be released next week

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Here is a small tut where I explain the shader I made for this window. Maybe you’ll find it useful:https://youtu.be/-au3FknKUhs

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I agree with you. Scene is so very well done but lights just throwing me off. It seems to me that only light in the scene is candle light, Christmas tree ornaments and fireplace. Room should be filled with warm tone light. Ornaments on the window should also reflect light of the glass.

Maybe some grownups were plying with toys? :wink:

Thanks for the feedback. I wasn’t super experience with fireplaces doing this so it’s a great takeaway for my future works. As for the toys and wine … I guess every one can have a different explanaton to the mistery (perhaps unintentionally I made a hooking story here as it draws your attention it seems) so here’s my take: The kid was playing with the train he hot and finally went to bed (real late) so the parents could finally enjoy a big of relax and a glass of wine (could be juice as well if you prefer). The tidy feel in the room is due to perfectionist character of mum (putting a lot of effort to set he ambience to the perfect mood) at last they too retreated to the bedroom leaving some stuff behind unchecked (fire burning and the tray) so the plot is :however hard you try kids will put your scheme to a real test… Or perhaps they just went to put the kid to bed and will return in a minute…