Let me introduce you to Otofuke, a spaceship!

Hi there, it is been a long time since I last posted any projects.

This is Outofuke a medium size spaceship

As you can see this ship is in Work in Progress. It is at a stage where I have a lot of problems. I like the overall design. I need just more medium and fine details.

I added some greebles in the front to meddle section, but I am not sold on it. I don’t like it that much.

My problem here is, that I can model something out of thin air. After that I have some huge troubles to add secondary and tertiary details. Is there a way to add details fast and efficient? Are there rules which can help me add details?

Cheers and have a good time creating awesome stuff,

So I just added some panels, and I think they’re locking awesome! I’m debating how many and to what extent I add these panels.



Hello again,

Just an update to Otofuke. I added the last panel and some Guns to the ship.

I like how the Panels make the ship bigger also, I added the greeble stuff on the front to middle section. Now I think that I just start to paint the ship and see what comes out.

Okay, I think I know what I do for the shading! I’m awful at Texturing and I recently saw Gundam Ship design. Maybe toon-shading for this ship?

It’s working here on some simple geometry.

I’m ready to present you my finished project.

I like the overall design of my ship. She inspired by multiple ships (from Star Wars, Galactic and much more.) This is the first time I made toon shading. Oh, and the first time using proper lighting.

It took me 4 full days to come up from a concept idea to finish the project. The guns where made for testing purpose. I think I can improve a lot, for example the shading on the underside. How about add textures to the guns? Yea but its more time expensive than I wanted. Next time a won’t just apply a modifier! It’s such e mess if you want to edit in the base mesh, but you had to apply the modifier. image

It’s a good idea to make Save collections. There I copied the model before applying even one modifier!
Oh, and a little bonus here:

Let me here what I can do better and if you have questions, just ask!

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