Let me see if I have this right...

OK, so say I had a game plot and was semi-competent in character modelling. If I could make a short prototype of my game (you know, main menu, and a couple minutes of gameplay) would I go to the big game companies (my hope is Square Enix, since they are like the KINGS of RPG’s/Adventure games) and show them what I have…but yeah what would i do from there?

Go to the end of the queue of all the other bedroom developers who think they have an absolutely original idea that nobody has ever thought of for the next big game that’s going to make them millions.

Haha that’s harsh dont you think? Anyway i’m not a bedroom developer I’m an Office developer :slight_smile:

And i’m not hoping to make any money but just get my name out there. At my age i don’t need money what would i do with it i can’t even drive…

IMO, the best way to do that is would be to start making games of your own, or join a modding communty for a game you own.
Sending a game idea to Square probably won’t get your name out there, unless you have an amazing idea that is executed amazingly well.

Oh, and you should prepare yourself for some harsh responses to this thread…

There are 100’s of 1000’s of people from half the countries in the world who want exactly what you want. About 30% of them have been working in the gaming industry 5 yrs + and been modeling, animating, storyboarding, coding for 10 yrs + on just about every program available and on just about every platform out there. That’s your competition.


@Fligh: I’m well aware of that. I have about five years to be patient and wait until I become worried about it ever taking off. I’m sure that you mean that to help me, not hurt me (actually I’m not so sure…)

And haha no Nat I’m not going to just march up to Square Enix’s HQ in L.A. and show them a rough draft of my plot. I plan on designing characters and making a prototype of the game before I even consider that. I have all the time I need to get the basics of the game down.

Why not aim to start your own company or join someone that knows more about how the market works. And then start a company together with him. Then you can start with some cheap but fun game. To get some fast cash, something that is online and unique. When you got money you can start hiring good artist and crew. If you are lucky and get sponsors etc. You can make the game of your dreams! But you have to make sure it’s the game of everyones dreams. Otherwise it won’t sell…

be patient and wait as long as you like… it’ll never get you anywhere…

if you do put the effort in and have a working prototype, pitch materials / demo… have done your costings and market research, have a development plan and could actually pitch to a publisher…

then you’d need to try and get the interest of as many publishers as possible and see who bites, and also pump them for feedback and information…

The trouble is that ideas are cheap so if they like something about your idea but not all of it there’s nothing to stop them using the idea themselves… you really can’t copyright ideas sufficiently to have any comeback…

but if you don’t have those things you’re living in some fantasy land as the whole world and there brother thinks they’ve got a really great game idea… ten minutes with an “A and R” guy leaves most od those with no illusion as to how much they really don’t have anything…

Even if they really rate your idea and would like to proceed, unless you have a team of experienced people on your team that are convincing enough to survive the due dilligence of the publishers, can convince them that you’ll deliver on time and on budget… (and your staff is in place already, not just some “we’ll recruit them when we get the advance” pipedream… then you’ll probably be too much of a risk… Even then your royalties % will be non existant without a significant amount of capital of your own invested…

You could try the other route: build it up slowly by doing iphone games and stuff for xbox live arcade… but those are tough markets to crack these days so you need a GREAT idea and need to work some special pr magic to avoid disappearing into obscurity… AND you need lots of luck…

Or you could try and get a job in the industry, spend some time soaking up what game development is all about, learn the trade from the inside and then “bet the farm” and go it alone to get this idea you have on the road… unless of course you’ve realised how much it blows whilst it siucks now that you have a bit of games experience…

but then again, you’ll probably never get the chance for that opportunity as the industry is haemorrhaging staff and outsourcing more and more to asia and china… the jobs are just not there…

Except for the thousands of starry eyed, no clue and no experience startups who have financed it themselves because they’re convinced they have the next best thing… (or perhaps are just doing small projects to get capital and kudos to persuade other people to part with there money so they can do the next big thing…) sadly they’re probably just deluded, and worse, will not be able to offer you any real experience gaining opportunities as they’re mostly clueless…

Finally, If all this hasn’t persuaded you that you’re deluded and stand a snowball in hells chance, youcould try the guaranteed long path…

Forget games, they’re just too damn popular and over subscribed… instead, make a short movie, get the attention of hollywood, build a career as a successful movie director, get into producing for a while, get a few summer blockbusters under your belt as producer or director… run a little pet project and THEN make a film of your game idea, so it has some built in cultural relevance! do the game to tie in with the movies launch , you’ll have the pick of the bunch all vying to invest in getting your game idea made into reality!

This last is probably the easiest so would be my recommendation!

Sometimes, reality is like a slap in the face with a smelly fish.

Who knows?.. You might have what it takes. There are a few really simple concepts that have made people millions. There are very few innovations in game play from the “industry”. The only people willing to take a risk for original ideas seem to be the indi developers.

Anyway, rather than blindly stereotyping you, and placing you in a category before ever seeing your work, I am going to wish you good luck.

Some things I have found helpful:

  1. Pre-planning your game properly. Every aspect of your project should be lay out before anything is done.

  2. Start simple, don’t try to make a AAA game at first. Simple games like Tetris, and AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaaAAAaa: Disreguard for gravity, are really popular, yet the design is really simple.

  3. Avoid teams at first. Try to do everything yourself, so later you can understand what your team mates are talking about. It is essential to planning your game to know what you can, and can not do. Some small projects only need 1 extremely talented person.

  4. Follow your dream, no matter how many people try to discourage you. There are a few success stories from people who followed through, and completed their projects despite all of the negative energy they received from peers.

Man, I love reading this stuff…

Michael, have you ever thought about working in cgi…? :slight_smile:

OK, so say I had a game plot and was semi-competent in character modelling. If I could make a short prototype of my game (you know, main menu, and a couple minutes of gameplay) would I go to the big game companies (my hope is Square Enix, since they are like the KINGS of RPG’s/Adventure games) and show them what I have…but yeah what would i do from there?

If Square is anything like Nintendo, you have no chance. Though, that doesn’t mean you can’t put together a prototype and pitch it to a much smaller local company. Come up with an idea for the iPhone or DS. You’ll probably find more success that way. Even so, your name won’t exactly be ‘out there’. Working for a game company will always require a resumé, and if you can’t drive… well, chances are you don’t really have one.

Don’t let me discourage you though. If you really feel the drive to be apart of a project, go for it. Start learning. Try to develop your taste as a gamer. See what needs to be made, and what you really want to make. Put together a list of all the things you like in a game (down to the last little sound effect when you change menus) and a list of all the things you don’t like (lava, dark worlds, unexpressive characters–everything down to the last pixel).

Then, put together different game concepts. For each, you just need to write a page with a title, description of the gameplay, story, small, but important notes, and screen mockups. Come up with as many ideas as you can. Many times, you’ll merge two ideas into one. Then, choose your favorite idea, flesh out the story, characters, style, everything you can think of.

Things you shouldn’t do:
Don’t set a release date
Don’t set a budget
Don’t explain the game on a “feature” to “feature” basis. Describe the game as purely as you can without marketing jargon.


Nah, i’m too in love with video games… can’t you tell :wink:

Don’t let history repeat itself on a different and less deserving person. Seize the day, assert you authority. It’s not that you can’t, it’s because you don’t want to.

Haha so I’m getting:

“Shut up your just a kid”

“You can’t do it alone”

“How dare you think that you can make a game”

And then I’m getting:

“Carpe Deim!!!”

“Don’t stop, beleeeeiving…hold onto that feeeling”

“You can do whatever you want :)”

…and I’m here thinking "maybe asking such a general question wasn’t such a good idea XD

I think that I’m going to go with Namssil’s reply. I have a few good ideas…I’ll leave the RPG idea in reserve for later (don’t think that any of your “constructive” criticizm will keep me from my goal). I’m adept at learning (the hardest part is getting started), so it shouldn’t be difficult for me to make a nice gaming/modelling portfolio. Thanks for all of the help (especially the people who weren’t cynical pessimists)and you will hear from me. Don’t worry >:)

I’m sure that you mean that to help me, not hurt me (actually I’m not so sure…)

I meant no disrespect, only trying to help. I just typed a shorter version of Richard’s second reply. What you’re asking for here (and what we can tell you - and that is all that we can tell you) 1000’s of people already have - and they’re still looking for that job. It’s a very competitive market and most people land their jobs because they knew someone who knows someone. It’s just a thumbsuck but I’d wager that no more that 25% get their foot in the door on the strength of their resume alone.


Thanks Flight - hope that does the custard right into the pie.

@aaront (i won’t ???) - hang in there bud - dreams can come true. Feel free to drop in with James or Peter for a cuppa tea who can set you straight.

Anyways, I had a brainwave!!!

Why don’t we chip in some euros for a runt I mean aarunt ohh . . .aront whatever and he can hire some artists like nikoloi. I can give you my bank account.

Come on flight, michal W, yurnameere, mmphie (Mmph) aka Comandaer waco, pilcard cashew . . . y’all can pledge how much and then put some mega euro’s towards my way.

Well, I’d try…

Go to college to get a degree in game design.

Go to graduate school to get an MBA.

Support yourself in the interim with a job as game tester or something like that and work your way up the ranks while you are going to school.

By the time you have done that, you will have a fair idea of how to get your game published.

My son dropped out of High school, passed the GATB test to get his diploma, and now he works for a small company called Tripwire Interactive. All this, and he barely turned 17!

He learned about 3D animation and modeling from me, this forum, and many other forum and tutorial sites.

The main thing he has going for him is that he does not listen to people’s pessimism. He simply had a dream, and worked hard to achieve it. He did not need a special university, or collage degree. He simply needed a good demo reel, a tech demo he did with unreal 3, and a portfolio of artwork that was very similar to the project they needed help with.

Main points to focus on:

Listen to “constructive critiquing” only, don’t let people’s personal opinion get you mad.


Tips from professionals are not always the best maxims to follow, Just because something works for them does not always mean it will work for you. There have been many times that I have found faster more efficient ways to do things.


Try to start building a personal portfolio, that way you can reflect back on what you have learned. Don’t try to achieve AAA results your first few times around. You need to fail before you can truly taste the sweetness of success. Main thing is to not give up.

Fight for the best education possible. Not everything is taught in school, somethings you need to do the research and witness the results for yourself to become truly adept in the subject. Most things cannot be “spoon fed” to people anyway. They have to truly grasp the concept, rather than memorizing a bunch of school book trivia.