let me shoot you off an idea

Let me shoot you off an idea for a new model sales website, similar to turbo squid or the 3d studio.

my idea is simple. it will work much like EBay, as bad of a model as it is. you wont be able to be scammed because everything is direct download.

im thinking…

Free account-
500mb of downloads per month. will not be able to participate in commercial lisence auctions.

$10 account-
1gb per month. will be able to participate in 2 commercial license auctions per month.

$30 account-
4gb per month. will be able to participate in 5 commercial license auctions per month.

$75 Commercial License Account-
Unlimited downloads. will be allowd to participate in ALL commercial auctions.

a seller can auction a non commercial product an unlimited # of times, however a commercial product can only be auctioned off 5 times before it is removed from the auction, this would be done to preserve the commercial value of the product.

when a product is auctioned 30% of the sales will be taken by the company, the other 70% for the seller.
sellers can offer a buy now, but will only receive 60% of the sales, the other 40 will be taken.

people can add to a sellers rep. or take away. to avoid slander or rude comments, there would be no comments box available.

people can rate a product 1-5 stars in addition to the sellers rep. random high star products will be in “the auction house” changed daily. the auction house will be a smaller list of products that will be pushed harder for sales for 24 hours, and the auctions in this list, will have already started, and will end at the end of that day, as apposed to people looking through a filter and waiting till the auction begins/ends several days later possibly.

this is a ROUGH concept, and im not even sure i will go through with it, but i thought people might want to hear about it, incase anyone thinks its a good/bad idea for whatever the reason may be.

I think there are some serious problems with the idea. Digital downloads are inherently unlimited so the concept of auctioning them off doesn’t make sense. You want to sell your models to as many people as you can find that are willing to pay for them. If you can only sell you model 5 times then you will have to charge way more per sale because of lost volume. You will also have a very hard time keeping people from just re-uploading their models and resetting their 5x counter.

I’m afraid this concept is bollocks. The reason you auction off things like cars or houses is that you only have ONE of those things to sell, so you make everyone compete to see who will bid the highest.

But commercial licenses are unlimited in supply. Simple economics dictates that if my supply curve is unlimited, I should sell to many buyers such that (price per license) x (number of buyers) is maximized.

Why would I sell ONE license of my file for $100 when I could sell 100 licenses for $5?